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Home Inspections in Kissimmee,Orlando and surrounding Communities.

Home Inspections in Kissimmee,Orlando and surrounding Communities.

Home Inspections in Kissimmee,Orlando and surrounding Communities.Home Inspections in Kissimmee,Orlando and surrounding Communities.

Rely on us for your home inspection needs! 

You are more than welcome to come along on the Inspection with me.

Found that perfect Home?

The whole process of finding a great home can be pretty overwhelming.  Finding the right Realtor, mortgage and insurance company can be difficult and very time consuming. Looking for a local quality Home Inspection shouldn't be. Searl Home Inspections will give you a unbiased 3rd party perspective when evaluating the condition of your potential home.

Visual detection is the biggest tool you can use but todays technology can also play a big part.

Tools of the Trade

Hands on, visual detection is our # 1 tool. Todays electronics also play a  big role in determining problems.  Moisture meters can help in comparing similar surfaces for differences and extendable cameras are helpful for hard to reach spots.

Rainwater is best diverted as far from the foundation as possible.

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction

There are many quality home inspectors out there but I will treat your potential home as if I were buying it.

Here are just a few examples of things to look for

Here is a home I am about to Inspect

Here is your typical home on the market

Pictures from each elevation are necessary

A negative grade by the bedroom sliding door could cause water to accumulate there

GFCI boxes on the exterior need to be enclosed,This one is missing it's cover.

Outside electrical outlets should be GFCI and have a closing cover on them

This outlet is wired correctly

This outlet is wired correctly

Electrical panels must have each breaker labeled and no open punch-outs.

Electrical panel circuits need to be properly labeled and no empty knockouts

This air handler is newer and located in the garage

This air handler is newer

Your Inspection

Searl Home Inspections

Before starting an inspection, you will receive a Pre- Inspection Agreement detailing what is covered and what to expect. Inspection items include the Site, Grounds, Grading, Exterior & Structure, Roof, Plumbing and Electrical Systems, Attic, Interior Components, Bathrooms & Kitchens, Basements & Crawlspace, Heating  System, Air Conditioning, Garage & Carport . After the inspection you will receive a paper copy and or emailed version detailing functioning,safety issues or items needing repair.

Home Inspection Pricing

Add a footnote if this applies to your business

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Wind Mitigation Inspection

This is a basic overview of the things looked for during a Wind Mitigation Inspection.Windborne protection to the house can save you big on insurance premiums. Any upgrades [ Windows, Doors, Roof structure, Garage Doors ] made to the home must be accompanied by documentation by the owner. 

Salt Free Water Softener/Conditiomer Installation DIY

I installed this into our house 8 months ago

Garage Door Opener not Working?

I ran into this problem at the house and was able to troubleshoot and fix the problem for free.

A Recent Home Inspection with Pics and Comments

Air Conditioner not Working ?

You might save some cash by trying this first